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ENERGOMASH - solutions for automotive electronics ЭНЕРГОМАШ - электроника для энергичных машин ЭНЕРГОМАШ - электроника для энергичных машин

 New products  

Attention! New design of wiper relays.

Beginning with June 2012 "Energomash" LLC has launched manufacturing of wiper relays 72.3777-04. Unlike previously manufactured 72.3777 modifications, the new wiper relays have case analogues to that supplied for GAZ assembling lines. New wiper relays are more reliable due to lesser quantity of soldering points and improved design. Circuit technology, guarantee terms and price of 72.3777-04 wiper relays have not been changed.

NEW PRODUCT! Already available!

Energomash LLC has launched manufacturing of new PF 12 Kit for anti-fog headlight connection. PF 12 Kit fits all brands and may be used in the automobiles without regular winding. PF 12 Kit is used in automobiles with on-board electricity voltage equal to 12V with "+" commutation of antidazzle light. Microprocessor unit (relay 37.3787) with wire plate and connectors are included in the set. Usage of the relay provides programmable switching on/off of anti-fog headlights by the regular antidazzle lights switch. This makes unnecessary to lay additional wires and lets any inexperienced driver to install the set. 

Attention! New design of flasher relays.

In September 2011 “Energomash” LLC has launched new flasher relays 71.3777-04 and 711.3777-04. Unlike previously manufactured modifications 71.3777 and 711.377 the new flasher relays have case analogues to that supplied on VAZ and GAZ assembling lines. New flasher relays are more reliable due to lesser quantity of soldering points and improved design. Circuit technology, guarantee terms and price of 71.3777-04 and 711.3777-04 flasher relays have not been changed. 


On-line shop has been launched!

Dear Colleagues!

More that 10 thousand customers have already made orders through our on-line shop

In order our service could be more comfortable for our customers on-line shop has been launched since July 2012. This could make delivery terms shorter, widen the products range and offer additional services to our customers.

The range of products was widened due to components used at the manufacture. So far the components are wholesale supplied and overcome obligatory control, you can get them on price and with quality not available at retail shops.

Already available:

- polyvinylchloride insulated cable of different color and passage,

- acoustic cable of red and black color;

- fuses Littlfuse (USA) and Biffi&Premoli (Italy),

- terminals,

- batteries Odyssey (USA) AGM technology,

- cable ties nylon.

In the nearest future we will widen the range of the products. Diodes, diode tapes, switches, relays, closing relays, frame components and others will appear soon.

Please be aware that we have improved conditions of cooperation for our wholesale customers.

Please attend our stand № G230 in hall №1 at the 8th International exhibition «Interavto 2012». The exhibition will take place since the 28th of August till the 31st of August 2012 at International exhibition hall “Krokus Expo”, Moscow.

At the exhibition you can get acquainted with our new products and that offered by the on-line shop You will also discuss with our management all the matters you are interested in.

On-line Shop "12V" Start

Beginning with 16.07.2012 on-line shop "12V" has started independent operation. This will make delivery terms shorter , widen the products range and offer additional services to our customers.

New prices

Attention! Beginning with 01.07.2012 new prices have been introduced. To learn the new prices, please enter catalogue on our web-site or download our price-list.



Dear Colleagues!

Please be informed that on 09.02.2012 agreement with  «IM Logistics» was concluded and the followng services are available: теперь для наших заказчиков доступны следующие услуги:

1.  Cash and carry from Moscow (8 addresses), St.Petesburg (7 addresses), Nizhji Novgorod, Ekaterinburg, Yaroslalvl, Tyumen.     2.  Courier delivery in Moscow, St.Petesburg, Bryansk, Vladimir, Vologda, Ekaterinburg, Ivanovo, Kostroma, Nizhnji Novgorod, Orel, Ryazan, Tula, Tver, Tyumen, Chelyabinsk, Yaroslavl. 

We are glad to inform that delivery tems and cost will be more than twice less. The payment is possible on the delivery. During the year 2012 number of cities will increase. 


PCB ПЛ46 of Subaru plafond

Already available!!!

PCB ПЛ46 of Subaru plafond for Subaru Forester ( the year 1997-2008), Impreza (the year 2000-2007), Legacy (the year 1998-2007), Outback (the year 1999-2007).

Order the PCB  through our on-line shop.

PCB ПЛ46 has individual packing and operation manual is included in the set.

Universal LED PCB


Universal LED PCB are intended for passenger compartment illumination. The PCBs have cocle and are used instead of regular bulbs of  5 W and 10 W (of C5W and C10W type). Wide range of size (31mm, 36mm, 41mm) allows the PCBs to fit all brands with on-board electricity voltage equal to 12V. Due to high-quality diodes (5050 case – three diodes in one chip) luminous efficiency is very high. Usage of foreign equipment, paticually  SEF Robotics oven (Germany), provides high quality of  soldering and long life cycle of the PCBs.

PCBs manufactured by Energomash LLC exceed by their characteristics chinese analogues.

Each PCB has individual packing and is under one-year guarantee.


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